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Jason Meucci

Chief Possibilities Officer

People, Culture & Leadership Development
Developing emerging leaders to be catalysts for cultures built on care, connection and contribution. Employees perform better when they're empowered, enabled and inspired to be better. Bosses should build their people up, not break them down.
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About Me


My name is Jason Meucci and I believe in you. I also believe in the power of possibilities. So, I love helping people discover belief in their potential, meaning in their work and purpose in their lives.  My Masters in Organizational Leadership (Gonzaga University), with a concentration in Change, has been a personally transformative experience as I pursue my dream to work in people, culture and leadership development. 

Why do I think of this as my life’s work? Because my mission as a servant leader is to be a catalyst and evangelist for cultures that enable employees to leave work every day and head out into the world feeling better, not broken. 

This website provides an overview of my academic journey, professional experience and personal passions—which, yes, includes believing in the potential of others and doing whatever I can to serve them as they pursue their own possibilities. 

My Personal Vision

To equip the next generation of leaders to build workplace cultures that are people-first, purpose-focused and possibilities-driven. By providing connection, belonging and meaning in everyone’s everyday work, we can move people beyond success to significance—empowering them to be their best selves and enabling them to go out into the world feeling better, not broken.

5. Input

Craves information. Strong need to collect and archive information, ideas, artifacts and relationships. Very inquisitive and always wants to know more. Has a relentless curiosity and finds many things interesting, constantly striving to keep their mind fresh. Gifted at facilitating growth and performance in others. Loves to provide relevant and tangible help to colleagues. A pursuit of mastery and access to knowledge empowers better and more credible decision-making. Sees and embraces the complexities of a situation or organization.

10. Responsibility

Takes psychological ownership for anything they commit to and feels emotionally bound to follow it through to completion. Keeps promises and honors commitments, refusing to let people down; works hard to fulfill their responsibilities and keep their word. Their conscientiousness, drive for doing things right and impeccable ethics combine to create the reputation of being utterly dependable. People rely on them because they can trust them.


1. Connectedness

Helps others find meaning, confidence and hope. Adept at helping people see connections and purpose. Good at listening to and counseling others. Exceptional at building bridges between people and groups, showing them how to relate and rely on each other. Ability to connect the dots between past, present and future. Provides perspective, guidance and hope. Strong ability to see patterns. Helps others feel a sense of stability. Considerate, caring and accepting of all. Sees everything as interrelated and interconnected.

2. Belief

You have certain core values that are unchanging. Out of these values emerges a defined purpose for your life. Sense of mission provides your life meaning and direction. Provider of clarity and conviction. Sees life and work as an opportunity to enrich and deepen the quality of the lives of others. Will often throw yourself into your work even when personally inconvenienced, placing the well-being of others above your own. Best in purpose-driven organizations.

3. Maximizer

Focuses on strengths as a way to stimulate personal and team excellence. Transforms the strong into superb. Gifted at seeing others' talents and strengths before anyone else. Loves to get people excited about their potential. Sees what people do best and how their talents match required tasks. Makes individuals and teams better by seeing what each person does best and empowering them to do it.  Excels at creating a sense of  belonging.

4. Relator

Enjoys forging and maintaining close relationships and can relate to all kinds of people. Easily forms genuine, trusting and caring relationships. Passionate about mentoring and helping colleagues know each other better. Wants to discover each person’s unique work style, goals, motivations, interests and talents. Uses those insights during coaching sessions. Strong ability to instruct, train or counsel people who look to you for assistance. You see distinct linkages between factors and consequence, decisions and results.

6. Learner


Constantly strives to learn and improve. Sees the process of learning as just as important as the knowledge to be gained. Energized by the steady and deliberate journey from ignorance to competence. Excited by the thrill of learning new facts, beginning a new subject and mastering an important skill. Often learns best through reflection and carves out quiet time to do this

7. Arranger

Has a natural ability to orchestrate people and resources for maximum effectiveness. Arrangers are conductors who at their best in dynamic situations.  In complex situations, enjoys managing all variables, aligning them in the most productive configuration possible. Confronted with the unexpected, Arrangers jump into the confusion, devise new options, hunt for new paths, and figure out new partnerships in pursuit of a better way. 

8. Intellection

Very introspective and appreciates intellectual discussions. Likes to think deeply and often. Focused mental activity often includes trying to solve a problem, develop an idea or to understand another person’s feelings. Frequently serves as a sounding board to help others discover new ways to solve problems or enhance the quality of their work. Intentional introspection provides time to ponder and process, resulting in wisdom and clarity.

9. Positivity

Has contagious enthusiasm; upbeat and gets others excited about what they’re going to do. Generous with praise and always on the lookout for the upside of a situation. Brings enthusiasm to people, groups, and organizations, stimulating others to be more productive and hopeful. Always finds a way to lift the spirits of others by being optimistic, hopeful, and fun-loving. Celebrates every achievement and make everything feel more exciting and vital.

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Master's Degree



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(Concentration in Change Management)



Bachelor's Degree



(Concentration in Writing)


Associate's Degree




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